The Flash #145 1999 Grade 9.0+

the flash 145 1999Chain Lightning! Part One of Six #145 Feb 1999

“Chain Lightning” is a story from “The Flash” issues #145 to #150, released in 1999. It was penned by Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn, with art by Paul Pelletier and others. The tale captivated readers with its fast-paced excitement.

The story is set in Keystone City. A new villain, White Lightning, threatens the Flash and his loved ones. A new drug, “speed weed,” enters the picture. It grants temporary powers but with dangerous side effects.

The Flash races to stop White Lightning and deals with the drug’s impact. The story also delves into Wally West’s personal life. He was the Flash at that time. It explores his relationships, adding depth.

“Chain Lightning” was praised for its exciting plot, character development, and exploration of super-speed’s consequences.

DC the flash #145

Left pic is the rear cover. The center pic is of the inside pages.

Note to self:  5-4-24 Checked eBay sellers $5 to $8 each. I saw one that sold for $3.00 plus shipping.

6-3-24 Checked on grade 9, showed $2.70+.  Don’t know what is wrong with their website. Could hardly look at anything with all the ads.

Read 6-1-24 Was ok.

**Currently I do not have this one up for sale**

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